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Who we are


The Tesoro Titan Foundation was formed with the sole purpose of supporting and furthering the vision of Tesoro High School.

The Foundation is made up of members of the Tesoro Community, including Parents, Teachers & Staff, and Alumni Families. 

To date, the Foundation has donated more than $125,000 to Tesoro High School. 


  • Replaced 2.5 computer labs on Campus
  • Created a computer language lab (first of its kind in CUSD) using existing computers on campus. 
  • Implemented and Placed Chromebooks in many classrooms
  • Purchased an Augmented Reality Sandbox System for teaching earth science concepts
  • Implemented Biotechnology equipment for the study of genetics, forensics, GMO foods and gene therapy
  • Supported our teachers with much needed equipment and training
  • Replaced and Purchased iPads, graphing calculators, digital scales, computers and LCD Projectors
  • Purchased magazine subscriptions for the library and Spanish Learning Enhancements for the Foreign Language Department
  • Supported other vital student programs including Speech & Debate, Mock Trial, Science Olympiad, Academic Decathlon and much more 
  • Purchased Grow Lights and Supplemental Plants for the Pollinator Garden